This was Joe. He used to always ask me if I had a cigarette. When I told him I didn't smoke, he seemed very happy and told me that I shouldn't smoke.
He was friends with people from The Village Copier and they let him photocopy entire philosophy books for free. His jacket was always bursting with the photocopied pages. I ran into him, by chance, after not having seen him in years and he let me take his portrait.
Vera was a former co-worker and good friend. We used to see virtually any movie that was playing at Anthonlogy Film Archives, Film Forum, The Quad, etc. She also sent me a book for my birthday when I was living in exile in Houston for a little while.
Yoko didn't particularly like having her portrait taken, but she was a good friend, so she allowed me to shoot her endlessly. This is one of the earliest ones I took and probably the best.
A little out of focus, but I think it still works.
This was during a period of time that I was shooting multiple rolls a day and getting in all of my friends' faces. They eventually get used to it and stop paying attention to the camera.
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